Katy Dance Classes

Ballet, Jazz, Hip Hop, Modern Dance Lessons Katy TX

Preballet and Tap                              
Ages 3-5.  No previous training. This one hour class combines creative movement, basic techniques, and various dance combinations to increase memory and discipline. Beginning tap is introduced in this class as well.

Ages 4 - 17 Basic tap steps and creative movement.  Tap is a musical instrument of dance. Dancers will learn to make music with their feet, and in turn enhance rhythm and dynamics. Tap is highly recommended for all students who wish to to pursue dancing extensively.

Ages 9 and up.  Intermediate. Jazz is a creative and powerful, energetic movement through strength and expression. Jazz offers a wide arrange of movements and synchronization.

Ballet Master Class
Ages 12-up.  Pre-professional Class. Four classes/week required for registered students. Five-six classes/week recommended.

Teen Ballet and Jazz
Ages 9 and up. Beg./Int.with basic technique with little or no prior training.


Hip Hop

Ages 5 and up. Beg./Int Hip hop is a fusion of jazz and modern, danced to contemporary music with an "MTV" flair. Age-appropriate choreography and music will be chosen in this high energy class.

Barre Workout

Appropriate for all, including first time clients.  You will finish this class feeling successful, with our high-level instructors offering you modifications to challenge you no matter what your fitness level.  A 60-minute total body Ballet Barre workout that will tone, tighten, sculpt, burn fat, and promote flexibility. This class will work virtually every stabilizer muscle in your body... the muscles that probably been dormant for years. Balance and flexibility increases. Your confidence increases. You start to notice that you're becoming more coordinated, flexible, toned, sculpted, and stronger. Truly one of the very best ways for a woman to change her body while being kind to herself. Non-impact class with High-impact results. It never gets easier... you just get better. This class utilizes props including the Ballet Barre, light weights, and a ball. Transform your body to the core!


Company Students

Company students compete and perform locally as well as nationally, showcasing the choreography and various dance styles learned throughout the year. Membership is by audition only. Company students will receive a membership packet which describes the attire, shoes, and supplies needed for performing and competing