Studio Policies


Add/Drops: Dancers must complete an Add/Drop form in order to make any changes to their original dance schedule. Forms are available at the front desk and must be given in person to FDance Studio Ministry.  Your “drop date” will be effective on the 1st of the following month. In order to drop a class, you must turn in a Drop form no later than the 15th of the month prior to your drop date to avoid being charged another month (i.e. drop no later than October 15 to be effective November 1). There are no refunds to your Automatic Monthly tuition if the Drop request is not received 15 days prior to your drop date. Add/Drops made by phone will not be accepted. Changes to a dancer's class schedule (i.e. moving from one class to another) after October 1 will incur a $15.00 Class Change Fee. Students wishing to add a class must first confirm  with the Front Desk staff regarding availability. A parent may come in person to give the  Add/Drop request to FDance Studio Ministry, in which case you will receive an official email reply from us letting you know that we have received your email and that your drop request has been processed.


Arrival / Dismissal Procedures: For the safety of our dancers, all dancers are to be dropped off & picked up inside the studio in a timely manner. For the safety of our littlest dancers, dancers ages 4 & under must have a parent/guardian in the Studio at all times. It is recommended that dancers arrive ten minutes early to allow time for attendance, putting on shoes & stretching. Pre-school and elementary age dancers will not be permitted to leave the building without a parent. Jr. High and High School dancers must wait inside the building until they see that their ride has arrived. No student will be permitted to wait outside or walk home regardless of age. Students not picked up at the end of their class will be charged a babysitting fee ($10 per 10 minutes). We recommend that a parent observe the last 5 minutes of every class.


Attendance: Regular attendance is highly suggested. All dancers are to be dressed & ready to dance at the beginning of class. To prevent muscle injury, dancers who miss the warm up will not be allowed to dance but will be allowed to stay & watch. Siblings may remain in the lobby area if they are quiet & well supervised by the parent. For absences, see our Make Up Class policy. In order to participate in Recital, dancers cannot have more than 3 absences after Feb. 1. Should extenuating circumstances arise, please see your instructor regarding private lessons ($20.00 / 30 minutes).


Attire: Dancers who are not properly dressed will not be allowed to participate in class. All dancers are expected to adhere to studio policy regarding proper attire. Studio leotards are provided to all students as part of the registration fee and are to be worn for all subjects. Dancers will not be permitted to wear costume style skirts/tutus since it is a distraction to other dancers. Class appropriate shoes are also required for each subject taken. Satin or fabric slippers typically sold at discount stores are a hazard and will not be allowed in class. In order to enter class, hair must be meet class requirements (bun for ballet and ponytail for all other classes).


Calendar: The Studio operates on an August - June calendar. We also follow Katy ISD's academic calendar. We usually have classes on Early Release days..


Cell Phone Usage: To preserve the quality of instruction and to minimize distractions, conversations (including cell phone conversations) should be kept at a minimum. Should you need to take a cell phone call, we ask that you take your calls outside or near the entry way. We are a Christian-owned studio. We require all parents and observers to maintain POSITIVE behavior and appropriate language while in the studio and while attending studio events. Behavior that is considered loud or disruptive is not permitted.


Class Cancellations: During periods of severe weather, the Studio consults KISD. Should weather conditions make it unsafe for our students to travel, the studio will cancel classes and post a notice on the Home page. If the calendar permits, teachers will make every effort to schedule a make up class. If a make up class cannot be scheduled, dancers will have the opportunity to take another class on another day and time. Credits or refunds to monthly tuition will not be made.


Costumes: All students will be required to purchase 1 costume for each subject taken to be worn at all performances. Students who miss the fitting date will need to schedule an appointment to get sized for an additional cost ($5.00). Ballet costume fees will be automatically charged to the credit card on file on due date unless prior payment has been made. Tap/Jazz/Hip Hop/Lyrical costume fees will be automatically charged to the credit card on file on January 01 unless prior payment has been made. All costume fees are nonrefundable. Costumes left at the studio after 30 days after performance become the property of the studio. Costume fees are $85 per costume.


Food and Drinks: Dancers are welcome to bring bottled water to class. In an effort to protect the health of our dancers with severe allergies, we ask that no other food or drinks be brought inside the studio. Should you require eating a snack, please consume your snack outside or in the car. Please dispose of your trash outside as well.


Holidays: For your convenience, tuition is calculated and divided evenly throughout the dance season (August through May). All months are priced the same regardless of holidays. Tuition is non-refundable.


Lost and Found: FDance Studio Ministry or Church on the Rock, Katy is not responsible for missing or lost items. Items that are found in the studio will be left in the Lost and Found box at the Church on the Rock, Katy Library. Unclaimed items will be donated to charity at the end of each month. It is strongly advised that all shoes be labeled with a permanent marker inside each shoe.


Make Up Class: If your dancer is absent from class, she is welcome to make up a class in the same subject within 30 days of the absence. Please stop by the Front Desk and complete a Make Up Class form prior to taking the class, so that our staff is aware of the reason for the additional dancer in the room. The Make Up Class form is especially important for students participating in the PE Waiver program. Note that a student may not take a make up class in a class that is marked "Full."


Monthly Tuition: Tuition is deducted automatically on the 1st of each month through a debit/credit card. We no longer accept personal checks on a monthly basis or semester payments. Transactions that are declined will be charged a $30.00 fee, and the dancer will not be allowed to participate in class until the account is current. Add/Drop forms must be completed by the 15th of the month prior to make any changes. If you need to update your payment information, please submit a new Payment Authorization form. All months are priced the same regardless of holidays. Make-up classes are to be taken within 1 month of missed class & must be completed while the student is still enrolled in that subject. Tuition is non-refundable.


Observation Window: Parents and siblings are welcome to watch the dancers through the observer’s window. To preserve the quality of instruction and to minimize distractions, conversations (including cell phone conversations) should be kept at a minimum. We also ask that siblings be monitored closely and bring quite activities to do. We are a Christian-owned studio, and we strive to create a positive atmosphere for your child. We require all parents and observers to maintain POSITIVE behavior and appropriate language while in the studio and while attending studio events. Behavior that is considered loud or disruptive is not permitted.


Performances: All dances (including solos, duets, and trios) choreographed by FDance Studio Ministry and its instructors are the property of this studio and are not to be performed without expressed written consent from Maggie Chavez-Salomon. Duplication of choreography notes is also prohibited. Students may perform routines for school talent shows with prior written permission.


Photo Release: A dancer's picture may be taken during class by the Director or a designated agent for the sole purpose of publicity to be used on our studio website, promotional flyers, posters, ads, mailers, and/or banners. Dancers not wishing to have their photos taken must submit a letter in writing indicating revocation of consent at the time of registration. All pictures chosen for use are based on good dance technique & proper attire. All pictures are family friendly & positive.


Recital: We are a technique studio, and Spring Recital is required for all classes. Monthly tuition and costume fees must be current.


Recital Fees: is $80.00 per dancer. Recital Fee will be charged to the credit card on file on March 01 unless prior payments have been made. Recital fee includes: 1 VIP Mom ticket per family and access to our recital photos and download. Recital fee payments are applied towards the rental of the auditorium, sets, stage hands, etc. Please note that the auditorium for the Spring Recital is booked one year in advance. Show will require admission tickets; however, families with dancers in multiple shows will receive additional complimentary tickets. Please note that personal requests for date and time changes cannot be honored. Recital usually takes place the first Sunday of June at Cypress Lakes High School. Mark your family calendars now to avoid conflicts and make recital your number one priority for that day. Recital is an all day event for your instructors. We will make every effort to schedule your child's dances within a two-hour time block so that you can come and go as you like. If you have more than one child dancing, plan on being there for multiple shows. The studio does not conduct a studio-wide dress rehearsal at the auditorium due to the stress and exhaustion it places on both the child and the parent. Individual teachers, however, may call for individual dress rehearsals to be held at the studio during their regular class time IF they feel it is necessary.


A more specific time schedule showing each class’s performance time will be posted in the studio approximately one month before the show. Pictures and videos will be available for purchase. Tickets go on sale approximately 1 month before the performance. Tickets will be available for you to purchase directly from the studio. At the end of all shows, Dad (or a substitute) is required to go on stage during the trophy presentation to hand flowers to the dancer, get a quick picture with the trophy and escort the dancer off stage. Dad must wear a sport coat or something similar.


Trial Class: Dancers are invited to participate in a "no obligation" trial class for $15.00 each class. A parent or guardian must accompany the dancer and complete a waiver form in order for the dancer to participate. Dancers will only be permitted to try the same class one time. Should parents have a question or concern regarding the appropriate placement of their dancer, please consult the Front Desk staff. Note that a student may not take a trial class in a class that is marked "Full."


Videotaping: Recording (including but not limited to audio recordings and video recordings) class in whole or part is not permitted without the expressed written permission of the Director. All choreography is the property of the studio and may not be posted to any external website without the expressed written permission of the Director. Families are given the opportunity to purchase souvenir copies of the Recital.