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Studio Policies



Registration requires the completion of an information form, payment of a registration fee, first month’s tuition, and your signature (or electronic signature) on our enrollment agreement. You are acknowledging that you understand our monthly tuition charges and the procedure for discontinuing classes. The registration fee is non refundable. It insures you a place in class, assures us that you intend to be there, and covers the business clerical costs associated with your enrollment at Faith Dance Studio. The registration fee is annual—from August of this year to July of next year.




Tuition is due in full on the 15th day of every calendar month. Your regular tuition rate is listed online in your parent portal. We require a credit card on file for each account. You have the option to also pay by cash or check, however the payment must be made before the 1st of the month (paying by cash or check eliminates the 2.99% +$.30 fee). If we do not have a payment by cash or check before the 1st, your card will automatically be charged on the 1st of the month. We will accept payments by credit card online through your parent portal as well as in person. To update your card on auto-pay, simply log in to your parent portal and click on the "account" tab and then on "account settings". From there you need to selection "automatic payments" and enter your new card information. Please note that credit cards will incur a 2.99% +$.30 convenience fee, as merchant fees are not calculated into our tuition rates. A $35 declined payment fee will be added to accounts whose cards on file are declined or not up to date. We will only send out statements for overdue accounts.


Tuition rates are based on the full season and divided into monthly payments for simplicity. Tuition rates are not based on individual months or classes. Holidays are considered before calculating the monthly tuition rates. You do not pay for holidays.


For specific tuition rates and multi class discounts please email or call us at


Mid-Month Registration

If you register in the middle of a month, your tuition for the current month is due the day you register. Obviously, you will have missed some of your classes for that month. At the time of registration, you will have the option of paying your monthly tuition in full and making up the missed classes, or you may pay by the class for the remainder of the classes in that month.


Missed Classes

For each child’s safety and comfort as well as those of our instructors, we cannot allow sick children to attend class. A child who becomes ill will be isolated and the parent notified promptly to pick him or her up. If you know in advance that you will miss a class, please notify our office manager. Our office manager will be able to inform you of the availability of another class in which you may make up the missed lesson. Classes that are full may not be available for make ups, so please be sure you check in with our office on availability. Absences must be made up by April 1. No special classes will be scheduled for makeups. Makeup classes must be taken in other classes beside the one in which you are enrolled or have been enrolled in this season. Otherwise, we assume you are paying for your class and will bill you for the lessons. When you take a makeup class, be sure to check in with our office to receive an admission pass for class.


Discontinuing Classes

We assume you are currently enrolled through the recital date unless you notify us otherwise. To discontinue a class, the parent must simply complete a termination of enrollment form in the office. Failure to do so will make you liable for the subsequent months’ tuition. Refunds are not given on tuition payments. A $50 fee per class will be charged to any student who decides to drop out of the recital after March 10, 2023. This fee covers the cost to revise choreography, staging and additional rehearsals. Also, be aware that re-enrollment will require the payment of another registration fee unless arrangements have been made in advance for special cases such as long term illness, vacations, etc.


Students are expected to follow dress code, to avoid any distractions in class. Uniform allows teachers to see proper alignment for students and make sure they are skillfully doing all proper steps.


This year will culminate with a recital. Be aware now that a recital involves a lot of hard work, time, and of course expense. We hope by explaining our recital procedures now, that we will enable you to budget yourself for the recital at the end of the school year. As soon as the recital date is finalized, we will post a notice in the studio, on the parent portal, and send out an email. Performing in the recital is not optional.   Please watch for a recital letter to be sent home with your child or to be emailed sometime in October. This recital booklet will be posted on your parent portal in late February/early March. The recital booklet explains all the details concerning the rehearsals and recital.

Recital Fees

Recitals fees are $80 per student. This fee covers our expenses for the auditorium rental, dressing room rentals, lighting, sound, stagehands, etc. The recital fee is NOT refundable and must be paid by the due date listed in the calendar above to receive a discounted rate. Recital fees paid after this date will increase to the regular rate. All recital fees must be paid no later than 15 days after the due date. This year’s recital fee amount will be determined and a notice will be posted in the studio, on the parental portal, and sent out in an email.



Prefabricated costumes are purchased from several different manufacturers. Occasionally, costumes are custom made. Note that making costumes by hand is not necessarily less expensive, because the supplies must be purchased at retail prices. Please check with our office manager for our costume prices. Remember that your child will need one costume per class, as each class will perform a routine in the recital. Combo classes will have one costume per discipline. We measure and order costumes as early as November. Full payment for your costumes is due by the date shown on the calendar. More costume details including sizing information will be sent home with your child in October. Please note: if you register after December 1st, or decide not to order your costume on the costume measurement days, there is a chance that we will not be able to get your child a costume in time for the recital. Late costume orders (any order placed after our main order in November) may be subject to extra shipping charges to insure delivery by our recital date.


Two rehearsals will be held in preparation for the recital. One rehearsal will be held at the studio, the other at the theater. Both rehearsals are mandatory if you intend to perform in the show. We will post these dates at the same time we notify you of the recital date.

Picking Up Your Child

It is the parents’ responsibility to pick up their children from class on time. We are not responsible for your child other than the time he or she is in the classroom. Pick up and arrival of children should be immediately before and after class unless prior arrangements have been made. Leap Dance Center does not provide any babysitting services. A $10 charge will be assessed to a student’s account if parents are more than 15 minutes late in picking up their child after Leap Dance Center closing hours.


Please be aware, that we do not allow any parents to watch students. This protects the students privacy and their security.

In consideration of others, please be prompt to class. It is expected to arrive 5-7 before class.

Since one of our goals is to promote health and fitness through dance, smoking is not permitted in/on our property.


We reserve the right to dismiss any student from class who is continually disruptive or rude.


Stay up to date of any news or changes concerning our studio by checking our website, Facebook page, and your email periodically.


Please feel free to call or email our director, Maggie Chavez-Salomon, with any dance class related question, or our office manager with any account questions.

We thank you for the privilege of exposing you to the art of dance and hope you enjoy your time with us.




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